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Our delicacies

Tapas Menu


plato grande cold for 2-4 persons

65 zł

spanish delights: cheese, hams, olives with bone and stuffed, stuffed bell peppers, jamon serrano, tosca of the day.

plato frito for 2-4 persons

65 zł

crispy panko, patatas bravas, lamb and spinach dumplings, calamari, croquetas, pork power balls stuffed with cheese , aioli and a’la tapas sauces.

plato mix grande for 4-6 people

90 zł

cheese, hams, pepper dew, olives, crispy panko, 2 kinds of croquetas, patatas bravas, lamb and spinach dumplings, aioli and a’la tapas sauces.

plato vege cold for 2-4 people

65 zł

spanish cheese, stuffed peppers, marinated goat cheese, mozzarella with tomato marinated summer squash, olives with bone and stuffed

cheese board

60 zł

5 kinds of spanish cheese (sheep, cow, goat and others)

meat board

60 zł

5 kinds of spanish ham; fuet extra, chorizo, salchicion, pancetta and others


tartare steak

16 zł

beef meat scented with garlic olive oil, marinated mushroom, pickled cucumber and fresh onion and chili

calamari in chili

26 zł

fried with carrots, pak choi and chili with white wine and oyster sauce

tapas shrimps

4 zł/ per piece

sbuttered with garlic, wine and parsley, mild or spicy on demand, minimum 4 pieces/

two veal tenderloins

28 zł

grilled to a juicy pink color, served on toasts with chorizo sausage and padron pepper with pickles and aioli

tortilla with chorizo

14 zł

traditional spanish potato omelette with peppery sausage, pumpkin, vegetables and chilli

tortilla vege

14 zł

traditional spanish potato omelet with mint, green peas, vegetables and yoghurt

jamon serrano

16 zł

traditional spanish long ripen ham, sliced thin

lemon soup

14 zł

with pieces of chicken and celery, scented with lemon , creamy and mellow

beef stroganoff„wojtek”

16 zł

beef stewed with chorizo, pickled cucumber, champignons and onion in a creamy, spicy sauce


jamon iberico

28 zł

best of all spanish hams, ripening for 26 months, dried in fresh air. perfect nut taste

tapas randevu

46 zł

a calamari jealous of half of a dozen of dancing shrimps bathed in butter, wineand garlic, with pak choi salad


burger el classico

27 zł

with crispy onion, 100% beef, barbecue de la casa, sweet pickles, cheddar cheese (served with patatas bravas and avocado sauce)

„truffle jose” burger

29 zł

100% beef, oyster mushroom, truffle paste, grilled onion, bacon, mustard sauce (served with patatas bravas and avocado sauce)

„macho” burger

29 zł

burger 100% beef, cyprian halloumi cheese, chorizo, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion, aioli sauce and sriracha (served with patatas bravas and avocado sauce)

malaysian gang bang

34 zł

eight of shrimp dancing in a pan arranged on tamarind with garlic, butter and a drop of wine. leaves of kaffir are looking it and sigh.

quesadilla of tapas

28 zł

aromatic chicken served with vegetables and cheese in a crispy tortilla, with aioli and avocado sauces (4 pieces).

sleeping halloumi

24 zł

grilled cyprian cheese served on leafy greens with juicy granate fruit and magic vinaigrette.


26 zł

3 grilled shashliks with chorizo sausages are laying between vegetables and grilled tomato with aioli.

satay pinang

26 zł

4 grilled mini chicken shashlik served with oriental salat in a nuts mole company.

grandpa edward’s pancakes

21 zł

pancakes from a potato and zucchini served with smoked salmon and creme fresh.


asian bull

12 zł

spicy beef with sesame seeds in chili sauce

mini chorizo

12 zł

spanish sausages with chickpeas and vegetable, stewed in tomatoes

chicken la rosso

12 zł

pieces of chicken in a company of garlic and dried tomatoes, sprinkled with lime juice

creamy chick

12 zł

chicken in a spinach-and-cream sauce with pieces of sundried tomatoes and nuts

masala mutton

12 zł

braised pieces of mutton in a hindu masala gravy.

duck in a chickpea

12 zł

pieces of a duck, braised in an apple brandy with sweet morels and chickpea.

greek salmon

12 zł

served on a potato with zucchini, feta cheese and olives-and –tomato salsa


12 zł

in a creamy wine sauce with garlic and parsley


pepper dew

12 zł

stuffed peppers (sweet and a bit spicy) stuffed with creamy tosca

olives with bone

12 zł

black, green, arbequina, kalamata and others

stuffed olives

12 zł

with cheese, anchovies, orange, piri piri pepper or almonds (ask what we havetoday)

variety of spanish cheese

12 zł

mix (sheep, cow, goat)

variety of spanish ham

12 zł

mix (fuet extra, chorizo, salchicion, pancetta and others)


12 zł

small pieces of mozzarella with tomato, capers, bathed in home pesto.

queso blanco

12 zł

goat cheese marinated in roasted peppers and tomatoes.

qtuna in the suit

12 zł

pieces of fine white tuna with dried tomatoes, parsley and crispy onions in olive oil.


croquetas classic

12 zł

cheese-and- béchamel variation with veggies and garlic, roasted in a crispy golden coat and served with aioli (3 pcs.)

croquetas with ham

12 zł

fluffy potato balls with serrano ham, smoked bell pepper i a’la tapas sauce (5 pcs.)

crispy panko

12 zł

chicken and pineapple shashliks served with tapas’ sauce (2 pcs.)

dumplings with spinach

12 zł

handmade polish dumplings with spinach, champignons and feta (4 pcs.) and aioli

dumplings with lamb

12 zł

crispy, handmade with lamb meat and rosemary (4 pcs.) and aioli

flaming jalapeno

12 zł

crumbled peppers stuffed with cheese, served with sour cream (2 pcs.)

patatas bravas

12 zł

scrispy fried potatoes with smoked bell pepper spice and aioli


12 zł

under a spicy fluffy duvet, served with aioli sauce

pimientos de padron

12 zł

a variety of aromatic spanish green peppers with olive oil and and sea saltą


flan con caramel with notes of fruits

14 zł